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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery - 4th Edition, Paperback

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery - 4th Edition, Paperback

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The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery is a comprehensive and practical guide for medical students, residents, and practicing surgeons. This handbook covers all aspects of surgical practice, from preoperative assessment and anesthesia to postoperative care and rehabilitation. It features detailed descriptions and illustrations of surgical techniques, including minimally invasive procedures, and provides guidance on how to manage common surgical emergencies.

In addition to its practical approach, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery also includes concise and up-to-date summaries of key surgical topics, such as wound healing, and perioperative care. It also contains chapters on surgical specialties, including orthopedics, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery, as well as chapters on surgical pathology, radiology, and anesthesia.

Written by leading experts in the field, this handbook is an essential resource for anyone involved in surgical practice. Its clear and concise format makes it easy to use, and its comprehensive coverage ensures that it will remain a valuable reference for years to come.

The fifth edition of this bestselling Oxford Handbook is even better than ever, with the inclusion of three new chapters on day case surgery, remote and rural surgery, and emergency surgery.

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